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Our digitally transformed asset and facility maintenance service drives value to our partners and clients across multiple sectors on the African continent (incl. the Indian Ocean islands). Whilst we service a wide range of industries, our laser focus on customer experience remains core in everything we do:


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“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

– African Proverb

Being a leading digitally transformed Facilities Maintenance Company (CMS), we partner with only with best in class operators in Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS), Internet of Things (IoT-) and Edge Devices, to deliver unparalleled engineering excellence to our clients.

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Facilities Maintenance Company

Facility and asset maintenance is the process of increasing the utility of a facility or asset by integrating planned preventative, reactive, and predictive maintenance through finely tuned systems and procedures. It is the obsessive focus on asset uptime, and efficient management of the end to end maintenance programme through the use of Origo Africa to manage and deliver the realm of FMC activities for the client.

As more and more organisations outsource non-core functions to external experts, facilities management is no different.


Key Benefits & Features:

Slide Asset Surveys Identify, Tag, Track and create asset transfer protocals Condition Assessments Verify asset condition, lifecycle and repair needs Asset Registers Development, verification and digitization Asset Strategy Asset base management plan Life-Cycle Planning Plan maintenance to maximize the life of key assets Maintenance Scheduling Plan maintenance to maximize the life of key assets Reliability Engineering Manage/improve asset downtime, MTBF, etc. Value Engineering Finding ways to drive down asset / management costs Procurement Planning Tier 1-3 interface, accreditation, transformation Real-Time Performance Optimize production, monitor asset throughput Innovation & Improvement Bringing new technologies & processes to bear SLA / KPI Permormance Ensuring that work orders are closed out optimaly Budget Build-Ups Forecast capital and maintenance spend on 1/3 year basis SHEQ Management Ensure safe work and quality workmanship Skills Dev. & Training Training client personnel, vendors, facility managers

Computerised Maintenance
Management Software

Origo Africa is the exclusive reseller of Techniche’s Urgent software in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), with reseller coverage across the African continent.
Urgent is the industry-leading facility- and asset maintenance software across Europe, developed in asset intense and maintenance rich retail forecourt and convenience store environments, making it the most suitable information management system for facilities management for a broad range of clients. As at beginning 2021, over 40,000 businesses in over 35 countries operate the Urgent software. As an information management system, Urgent is cloud-based and operates as a Software As A Service (SaaS), and securely managed in the Microsoft Azure cloud, enabling users or locations to access the software via web or mobile phone application across Android and Apple platforms, taking CMMS control wherever they go. Urgent critically enables the following:
  1. Workflow Management including fully customisable workflows, creation, approval and tracking of workflows making it entirely transparent, managing reactive and planned scheduled maintenance, as well as a quotation, Purchase Order and Cost Issuance, amongst various other Controls, with multiple user access profiles across the value chain including the service providers on one single platform;
  2. Asset Management including the capability to create and maintain asset information, asset registers and -management plans, view and track assets, a document and multi-format file repository, as well as downtime tracking, and asset condition monitoring updating and comparisons as well as Asset Lifecycle Plans;
  3. Reporting and Compliance including Microsoft PowerBI with multiple configurable dashboards based on client preferences, ensuring transparent full asset- and work order history, enabling data-driven performance reviews with service providers and SLA management, real-time asset performance data, etc.; and
  4. Integration including IOT or Edge devices, existing Enterprise Resource Management systems (ERPs), Accounting Packages and Enterprise Asset Management systems (EAMs), etc.


Key Benefits & Features:

Slide Workflow Management Asset Management Reporting & Compliance Asset base management Fully Customisable Workflows (Automated) Create & Maintain Asset Info and Mgmt Plans Power BI (Opex & Capex decisions) Create / Approve / Track Workflows (Transparency) View & Track Assets (GPS / MAP) Multiple configurable dashboards Manage Reactive + Plan Scheduled Maintenance Document and File Repository Full Asset- and Work Order History Quotation, PO and Cost Issuance, Controls Asset Downtime Tracking Data driven Reviews w Service Providers (SLA Mgmt)

Engineering Consulting Services

Origo Africa is proud to offer a range of Engineering services that make a difference to your operations, effectiveness and control of assets. Accordingly, please see our major Engineering services below.
  1. Asset Management Planning
  2. Asset Lifecycle Planning
  3. Asset Condition Assessment and Monitoring
  4. Asset Inventory Management (incl QR coding and associated inspections)

For any other engineering services not listed above, please contact us to better understand your needs and how Origo Africa can support your intent.


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