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Frequently Asked Questions

General CMMS Use:

CMMS stands for Computerised Maintenance Management Software or Systems. It is computer software or system designed to simplify maintenance management. It is sometimes referred to as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software. The main benefits of a CMMS include reduction of maintenance cost and equipment downtime, increased productivity and the life of assets through better insights and controls. Origo is the exclusive reseller for the world class, Urgent® CMMS in SADC region.

Origo Africa is a South Africa based asset-management and facilities management company, and an exclusive software reseller, operator, and manager of the Urgent® CMMS platform in the SADC region.

There are no hardware installations or requirements to operate the Urgent® platform.

The CMMS operates on Software as a Service (SaaS) principles, and therefore is accessible from any web connected device.

Urgent® can be accessed through two platforms being i) Web Browser and ii) Mobile App. This refers to any mobile or desktop browser including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari (requiring no special hardware). The Mobile App can be easily accessed through either an Android or an IOS handset from the respective app stores.

The key to a successful CMMS implementation is getting staff involved early in the selection process. They need to understand why a CMMS is needed and the benefit it can provide to them, the department, and the organisation at large.

Yes. The system is able to integrate across a broad range of other business systems such as SAP, Pastel, Oracle, Sage etc. via API (Automatic Programme Interface).

Edge technology lies at the centre of the fourth industrial revolution and can be easily integrated into the CMMS via API (Automatic Programme Interface).

Yes, the application is currently available in English, French, Dutch and Spanish. More languages can be configured based on customer demand.

Being cloud based, the CMMS application is protected against latency even when large batches of data are being processed. This provides assurance to large and small clients regarding consistency in performance delivery.

Yes, the mobile app can operate offline and synchronise the data contents entered when internet service is restored. This works very well for technicians out in the field.

We are experts in asset management and customer experience. The two are inextricably linked for sustainable value delivery in your business.

Each client deserves custom tailored solutions and we pride ourselves on the diverse market capabilities we can leverage in driving value improvement and cost reduction targeting.

Our people possess a distinguished record in developing and implementing industry leading Fuel FMC programs (asset value and extent of maintenance)

Our agility and our advanced digital capability in using industry leading customizable management software, Urgent® (by Techniche)

Our rating as a Level 2 BBBEE contributor, with 51/30 ownership credentials

The capability to partner throughout Africa in optimizing your assets and customer experience.

Either Origo or the Client can upload the data depending on client requirements, resources, and timing. This can either be done per individual asset, or by way of mass upload or import which the platform enables easily.

No, Urgent® fully allows invoicing and the processing of invoices on the CMMS platform.

Yes, the user can simply click on the task in question from the CMMS to determine the origin and contact for more clarity (includes full name, physical address, phone numbers, email etc.)

Yes. Urgent® provides for clear line of sight from task generation, quotation- and invoice management across all stakeholders in the process. In driving automation the goal is working smarter through a single operating system for maintenance (ie no double handling in emails, excel, WhatsApp or Text Messages). The delegation of authority can be set against the person who:

  1. Approves quotes: This can be configured in a way that allows specific user to either approve each and every quote that exists on the system, only approve quotes that fall within a certain value bracket, or only approve quotes that exceed a certain threshold. Auto approval can also be enabled, depending on client requirements.
  2. Approve/decline Invoices: This user will have the exclusive right to action contractor invoices on the CMMS.

The better question is, “Can we afford not to?” The productivity and efficiencies gained by staff, coupled with the returned value of the data gathered, will quickly offset initial costs.

Work Order:

Our CMMS caters easily for reactive, planned, preventative and predictive maintenance in an integrated ecosystem optimising asset management and facilities maintenance for a client.

Reactive maintenance tasks can be logged via several methods:

  1. Barcode/QR Code and
  2. web portal and through,
  3. the Mobile App. To ensure optimal data processing power and insights from the CMMS, each maintenance task should be logged against the asset in question.

Planned and preventative maintenance tasks can be programmed and scheduled in advance by the client based on the maintenance programme approach and associated frequencies.

Predictive maintenance tasks are triggered via Smart-Edge devices or sensors depending on structured parameters and interfaced into the CMMS by way of an API configured to the customer’s programme needs.

Yes. The Urgent® CMMS is extremely versatile in this regard, allowing for multiple file formats to be loaded, either selecting it from the device/computer gallery or by simply taking a picture of that particular asset using the Mobile App. As a further feature, clients may also require a certain document library structure related to the maintenance programme which can be enabled and customised to requirements.

Yes. Urgent® provides the notifications capability in automation of email and text and in-app notifications by type of request, task status, inspection request, incident type or building area/site for every work order or task.

Yes, this can be quickly configured on the Task Summary Dashboard by filtering the tasks using the following options: Tasks Awaiting Dispatch, Estimated Tasks Awaiting Approval, Incomplete Tasks, Cancelled Tasks, Closed Tasks, Tasks With Negative Verification, and Tasks With Supplier On Site.

Yes, depending on the client’s needs, a user/user group can be setup to screen (quality assurance) a ticket/work order before it is dispatched to the contractor. The workflow can also be configured in such a way that when a ticket is initiated, the nominated user/group can screen the ticket before it is actually “created”. This user will then Dispatch the ticket, which means the work order will then be communicated to the relevant supplier as well as other user groups/individuals that would have opted for automated notifications.

Yes, every ticket/task that is created reactively by an individual/User Profile authorised to create a ticket on the CMMS is a “Reactive Task”. This will appear on the “Type” column on the Task Summary Dashboard.

Yes. Warrantee management is one of the cornerstones of our approach to transforming asset management and facilities maintenance. Urgent® has two chargeability options: Contract and Chargeable.

  1. Chargeable is for assets that are outside of warranty, and
  2. Contract is for assets that are within warranty. When a ticket is created, this will auto fill if the asset is still within warranty, the opposite will also apply for assets outside of warranty.

Security and Network Connectivity:

At Origo, we take our client’s data safety very seriously. Ensuring compliance with GDPR, POPI and CPA, your data and related assignments and workflows on the Urgent® CMMS is operated and hosted on the cloud service, Microsoft Azure®. This provides flexibility, reliability and security to our clients. Being hosted on the cloud removes the hassle of maintaining and updating local server systems, allowing Clients to focus their time, money and resources into fulfilling core business strategies.

The system can operate offline and sync when internet is restored. This is only available on the Mobile App.

About Urgent:

  • Origo Africa is the asset-management and facilities management company conducting the trial for asset management with Vida e Caffe. Origo is the exclusive software reseller, operator, and manager of the Urgent platform in the SADC region.
  • Urgent is the technology platform in the form of desktop and mobile app being utilized for the pilot.
  • Urgent can be accessed through two platforms, i) Web Browser and ii) Mobile App. This refers to any mobile or desktop browser including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari (requiring no special hardware).
  • The Mobile App can be easily accessed through either an Android or an IOS handset.
  • There are no hardware installations needed to work with Urgent, which means that you can access your information from any web connected device.

System is able to integrate with systems such as SAP, Oracle and many other purchasing, engineering, payroll or accounting related systems.

Yes, the application is currently available in English, French, Dutch and Spanish.

Operationally the application doesn’t experience latency when large numbers of tasks are present, but for exporting data from the transactional system (non Power BI) we’d recommend using 6 months time frames to export to Excel. If large exports are needed, Power BI should be used.

The system can operate offline and sync when internet is restored. This is only available on the Mobile App.

Preventative Maintenance:

Yes, the application has a Scheduled Task module which is used to define instructions containing the actions to be carried out, and also automatically create the tasks with these instructions at the defined frequency.

Downtime and Equipment Failure Tracking:

Yes. The CMMS boasts the Power BI reporting function which enables the client to draw valuable data on contractor efficiency, associated downtime minimisation and SLA delivery.

Reporting and CMMS Data Analysis:

Yes, this information can be viewed under each task on the Timeline Tab for straightforward forensic evidence review.

The Urgent system provides our clients with audit trail on work orders and maintenance history. The system is also web based which means that the data can be accessed as and when required.

Yes. The system is data driven, and therefore, the asset data that is stored on the system mirrors the actual physical asset which is on the client’s site. This means that asset owner can then track and monitor the entire asset lifecycle, end-to-end. This enables management or the asset owner to make decisions that are driven by reliable and factual data that can be easily referenced from our system.

Something worth proposing to Techniche: Pareto Analysis as a reporting feature. This can be based on the most cost consuming assets/asset manufacturers etc, Critical few VS Trivial many. Having this feature on the system will enable management to focus on and also make decisions on the critical few assets/asset manufacturers/Model that have an 80% stake on maintenance Opex.